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Services and International House Cultural Training teach the FRAMEWORK APPROACH © to cultural awareness and international communication which shows where to look for differences in business expectations and behaviour and then applies it to your key markets.


We offer one and two day courses, supported by market briefings and our Staying Alive briefings on how to live and work abroad.



1. EFFECTIVE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION (2 day programme on presentations, meetings, negotiation and networking)


2. INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SPEAKING (2 day programme on how to improve your personal presentation skills)


3. ONE TEAM - (2 day programme on international team management, teamworking and virtual team skills)


4. LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL (2 day programme on leadership practice across continents - management style, decision making, feedback, the position of women in management and delegation)


5. PROJECT MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL (2 day programme for international project managers)


6. INDIA INTERNATIONAL (2 day programme for managers involved in outsourcing for India)

Courses & Briefings

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