Cross-Cultural Communication

Brian J. Hurn and Barry Tomalin - Palgrave Macmillan, 2013

Cross-Cultural Communication Book

A deeper understanding of the need for effective cross-cultural communication and cultural awareness by those engaged in working in the international environment.

  • A complete training course for high schools, universities and colleges - 15 chapters, 12 key lectures.
  • Essential reference source for business and university libraries and self-access centres
  • Covers theory and practice including - communication, presentations, teamworking, leadership and negotiation across cultures.
  • Includes operational advice on ho wto recruit, select and train international mangers and integrate in post, including dealing with culture shock

Key Business Skills

Barry Tomalin - Harper Collins UK, 2012

Key Business Skills by Barry Tomalin

Gives you the tools you need to succeed in business if English is not your first language. Covers: Presentations, Meetings, Negotiations And Networking.

  • A ONE-STOP SHOP for international Business Communication Skills

      • Contains methods and tips to communicate FLUENTLY and EFFICIENTLY with international colleagues, providers, and customers

          • Methods successfully tried and tested with leading companies in Europe

              • Contains a CD with audio exercises for practice

                  • Organisation, speaking, writing and cultural advice you will get nowhere else.

Olympic Readers

Barry Tomalin - The British Council, 2012

Four readers which provide extended reading and listening practice on Olympic and Paralympic themes. Four levels: elementary to upper intermediate.

Level1: Imagine you are in Greece. You are an athlete. You are going to compete in the first Olympic Games.

Level 2: Read all about heroes of the modern Olympic and Paralympic Games. Twenty short texts about heroic achievements past and present.

Level 3: What do you know about the modern Olympic Games? All the facts and history of the Games in book 3 of this series.

Level 4: Welcome to I am an Olympic volunteer. This book tells you about the experience of being a volunteer in the Olympic and Paralympic Games and other international sporting events.

Olympic Readers 2012

‘The World’s Business Cultures and How to Unlock Them’

  Barry Tomalin and Mike Nicks - Thorogood Publishing, 2010

WBC - New Edition 2012

A ground breaking book for business executives working or travelling overseas or working with multinational groups in the UK.
It explains why understanding the cultural dimension is important in international business, how to do it and gives profiles of Goldman Sachs predicted top ten economies in 2050, China, USA, India, Japan, Brazil, Russia, UK, Germany, France and Italy. Also six additional profiles of Australia, the Arabian Gulf, South Korea, Indonesia, Mexico and Spain.

Diverse Europe at Work

Barry Tomalin, Jack Lonergan and Adam Duncan - Adroit Publishing, 2009

Based on a three-year European Union Project, investigating the cultural needs of Europeans living and working in other countries, Diverse Europe at Work is a DVD and training manual designed to help them integrate their new host-country workplace and to help nationals understand and support their new colleagues.


International English for Call Centres

Barry Tomalin and Suhashini Thomas - Macmillan India Publishers, 2009

International English for Call Centres

A ground breaking book and CD, which recognises the differences between Indian English and British English and shows how call centre advisers in India can build better understanding, and empathy with British customers.
Based on extensive research in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, this is a ‘must-have’ guide for Indian call centre advisers and Indian and British Business Process Outsourcing managers. Written in a lively, direct and practical style, the book shows how to adapt your stress, intonation, speed, vocabulary, grammar and accent to British norms and how to build empathy with British customers. It also contains a library of resources for reference.

Cultural Awareness (Resource Books for Teachers)

Barry Tomalin and Susan Stempleski - Oxford University Press, 1995

Cultural Awareness - Resource Books for Teachers

This is a major education manual for teachers, offering a range of training ideas for use in class for the teaching of inter-cultural awareness from elementary school to adult and business education. It is recognised as a core teacher’s resource in its field.


Susan Stempleski and Barry Tomalin - Oxford University Press, 2001

Film - Resource Books for Teachers

In the same series as ‘Cultural Awareness’, ‘Film’ offers English language teachers over 70 lesson ideas they can use, exploiting feature films and TV shows, with advice on copyright and a list of films which are popular with teachers

India Rising The need for Two Way Training in
Globalisation, Communication and the Workplace
Ed. Forey and Lockwood - Continuum 2010

Instruments for Intercultural Business Training in
Becoming Interculturally Competent through Education and Training
Ed. Feng Multilingual Matters - 2009

Globalisation, Communication and the Workplace
Becoming Interculturally Competent through Educati

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