• The Easiest Possible Way To Design A Face-To-Face Course


    I used to work in broadasting. I wrote, produced and presented features programmes on radio. I quickly realised that content was important but just as important is TIME! You have 30 minutes and it starts when the GREEN LIGHT goes on and it stops when the RED LIGHT goes on. This is usually 29’15” after you started to allow for continuity announcements to introduce the next programme. So you have to be very precise about time. I don’t care how interesting your material is, if you haven’t got time, don’t include it.

    I’ve adopted the same principle in training. Most teachers and trainers work out their content first. I don’t. I work out the time available first. Then I fit my content into the time available. It’s a great method and we teach it on the BCTC (IH Business Cultural Trainer’s Certificate).

    To do it, ask yourself these questions.

    1 How long is your training day? (Mine is 8 hours.)

    2 How long is your lunch hour? (mine is usually 1 hour/ 90 minutes in France.)

    3 How long are your breaks? (I calculate two half hour breaks, one AM and one PM. If you don’t need 30 minutes come back sooner. I do that in France to reclaim the ‘lost’ half hour at lunchtime.)

    4 How much time does that leave for training? (6 hours, if you followed my calculation.)

    5 How do you organise your six hours? (I think in terms of four 90 minute sessions – so I have...

    > SESSION 1 (90 minutes)

    > BREAK(30 minutes or less)

    > SESSION 2 (90 minutes)

    > LUNCH (60 minutes)

    > SESSION 3 (90 minutes)

    > BREAK (30 minutes or less)

    > SESSION 4 (90 minutes)

    > CLOSE

    All I have to do then is organise my content in each session. Simple but really useful.

    Once again, to find out more about the IH BCTC visit www.ihlondon.com/executive-centre/ cultural-training


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