• Offsite – Do The Briefcase Check


    If you are teaching in a company or away from your training centre, it is too easy to forget something important – essential equipment, photocopies, computer accessories – I’ve forgotten them all.

    In one important seminar I opened my trainer’s bag – no training manuals! I had to photocopy 16 copies of a 40 page document half an hour before the seminar!

    When you teach in a training centre you walk in, copy the documents you need, pick up the books you need, pickup the flip chart or whiteboard pens, click on the interactive whiteboard and away you go.

    When you are working OFFSITE it is entirely different. The equipment and resources you need may be there but more often than not they aren’t! So here is your 10 point briefcase check.

    Before you jump in your car or the train at 6 AM to get to your course DO THE BRIEFCASE CHECK, preferably the night before.

    1 SLIDES

    Have you got your slides if you are using Powerpoint? Are they on a USB in case you have to use the client’s computer system?


    If you are taking your own computer and it is a MAC, have you got the lead that joins your MAC to the data projector?

    3 PLUGS

    Have you got an extension lead with the right plug? OMG, the computer lead doesn’t reach the mans outlet on the wall!


    Have you got all your equipment? Have you packed that portable video camera you were going to micro-teach with? Have you got that wonderful video clip you were going to use? (Remember the office security system won’t let you access the Internet or YOUTUBE.)

    5 PENS

    Have you got flipchart pens and whiteboard pens with enough replacements when they dry up?


    Have you got the instructions telling you where to go, what time your course starts and, hopefully, who is on it?


    Did you print out manuals and any other deliverables you need for the group? Have you got enough. Have you got an unbound set you can easily copy from in case extra participants join the group?


    Have you got enough evaluation sheets for participants to fill in at the end of the course?

    9 FOOD

    Have you got something to snack on (fruit) in case there is no lunch?


    Have you got phone numbers of key people in case something goes wrong (train delays, traffic jams etc.) ?

    Oh and one more thing: -

    DON’T LEAVE YOUR BRIEFCASE ON THE DOORSTEP as you rush off to your car or to the station!

    And by the way, I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. Can you remind me what it is?


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