• Are You Realising Your Potential? Use GROW


    Just completed a session on the Business Cultural Trainer’s Certificate on May 26th. This three-day intensive teaches teachers, trainers, learning and development managers and HR managers how to research, design, and deliver a cross-cultural training programme to business executives.

    Particularly useful was the use of the GROW model in helping participants identify their USPs and potential market as cultural trainers. It is clear that participants don’t always recognise the value of their own experience and skills.

    Here’s an example. One participant, a teacher, had been a ‘trailing spouse’ for many years, taking her family of four children around the world and living much of the time in so-called hardship posts. She is a trained teacher and a native speaker of English, also speaking fluent French. Her knowledge of other countries, settling in to different environments, bringing up children as ‘third culture’ kids, including one who is disabled, is of immense value to anyone running expatriate training programmes.

    If I was looking for expat consultants, I’d snap her up immediately.

    I was so impressed by the knowledge, expertise and experience of all the participants, all women, and I was also impressed by the realisation that they were in some ways too modest to recognise the value of their own experience and skills.

    I’m sure there are more of us like that so here’s a simple exercise to help you realise what your potential might be. It’s called the GROW model and here is a series of simple questions to help you focus.


    • Where do you want to be in three years time? (country, official position, status, salary)


    • Where are you now?

    • What are you doing now?

    • What experiences have you had in your life? (social as well as business)

    • What business experience have you had?

    • What have you studied that could help you achieve your goal?

    O OPTIONS (obstacles and option)

    • What options are open to you?

    • What potential clients could you identify? (often people you have worked with before)

    • Who do you or your friends know? (Try linked In. www.linkedin.com)

    • What stands in your way? (Remember yesterday’s closed door may be tomorrow’s open door. Things change.)


    • You need a website. People need to know how to find you and what you do.

    • Contact people who might help you.

    • If you have time, go to talks and networking occasions.

    • Above all, focus – know what you want to do. Find ways of doing it. Stop doing things that don’t get you there.

    The GROW model was invented by Sir John Whitmore, coaching expert, among others.

    He has written about it and it is referred to in these books.

    • Whitmore, Sir John Coaching For Performance.

    • Landsberg, Max The Tao of Coaching.

    If you are interested in BCTC contact me or visit www.ihlondon.com/executive-centre/ cultural-training. Our next course is JULY 26-28.


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